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Ali Khan is an artist and a designer. Khan founded AK Studio in 2016 after moving back from Toronto. He received his Bachelors in Visual Arts from the University of Windsor Ontario and graduated in Interior Design from International Academy of Design - Toronto.

“I believe my experiences and international background influenced my work,” says AK. I love the materiality, scale, and details in Contemporary aesthetics and the rustic landscapes. Plus when I travel I love walking around the city and visiting all the galleries, museums, and design districts which helps inform my knowledge base and cultivates my eye.”

Now, Khan is firmly established as one of the leading interior designers of Pakistan and is dedicated to creating glamourous spaces that blend elegance and ease, sophistication and warmth.

Inspired by the works of Anish Kapoor and a great admirer of artists such as Peter Marino and James Turrell, Khan’s work aims to reflect the same diversity as his inspirations.



Mukarram Kaleem joined Ali Khan Studios as a CEO in 2018. He graduated from the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), and mastered in Mass Communication.

Previously, Kaleem worked in the creative department of an ad agency, as well as a producer and anchor for various morning shows, carefully designing their aesthetics and sets. Following these experiences, his interest in Interior Design grew, which resulted in him joining Ali Khan Studios.

Kaleem gravitates towards Art Deco and Mid Century Modern for his work. Watching his designs evolve from simple ideas to finally taking shape in reality inspires him to innovate and create.

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